Building a Successful Brand 

This presentation exposes participants to the process of developing a brand.  It utilizing popular companies and icons from popular culture to engage young people and

create the creative courage that helps students create customized brands and logos.  Each logo is designed to complement the participant’s career goals.

The Importance of Having a Good G.P.A.

​ (Goal Plan and Achieve)

This workshop teaches students how to create goals, then develop a simple strategic plan to achieve them.

The GPA workshop helps participants identify their purpose and the necessary resources to help them achieve their personal goals.

Inside The Interview 

Cause students to become more sensitive to the demands of today’s workforce as it relates to interviewing.  Our goal here is to also cause students to become stronger more confident interviewers and in essence, more successful in the interviewing process. (Includes rubric, evaluations, and survey documents.)

7 Unwritten Rules of Success 

This presentation shares the success strategies of successful people and successful companies (like GE).  The presentation is accompanied by a brief book with practical strategies that can be implemented instantly. The book exposes readers to simple real life strategies that can be used by anyone, to achieve the success they desire in any walk of life.  The book is available in audio and hard copy formats.

The Real Deal About Soft Skills 

This presentation exposes participants to 5 major soft skills that top companies and top colleges look for in today's world of education and employment.  The information is shared in an engaging yet simple manner, which allows participants to retain and implement each strategy more easily.

What's Your Next Move 

This presentation highlights and offers direction on important life transitions such as:  life after high school, life after college/trade school, finding a job, strategies for promotion on your current job and starting your own business.

The R.E.A.L. Approach 

is designed to take clients from prospects to employees

Relationship – Participate in a discovery process to establish a foundation for success strategy
Explore Personality
Explore Skill sets
Explore Goals (Educational, Career and Personal)
Set Expectations
Research Opportunities

Empowerment – Preparation for job goal success using proficient methods with job search strategies, creating professional resumes and practice interview sessions.

Accountability – Present challenges and reinforce the expectations to succeed at the interview process.

Leadership – Gain employment, retain employment, receive promotions.